Jenna & Luis are Latin dance instructors, choreographers, directors, and performers. 


Our mission is to continue to grow the Bachata dance scene in Boston one dancer at a time. We want to take our infectious love for dance and teaching and spread it around to anyone and everyone willing to learn. The overall goal is to learn and have fun.


Jenna, a Malden middle school teacher, combines her passion for teaching with her passion for dance to create a contagious desire to learn and grow. Her most recent accomplishment was winning 1st Place with her Salsa team, Mambo Revelation, at the World Salsa Summit in Miami. Jenna & Luis direct Boston’s largest Bachata team, Boston Touch, which is a part of the Island Touch Dance Academy Franchise. In addition to their weekly studio classes, they can be found traveling across the country to teach and perform at various congresses, organizations, and universities.

Luis  moved to Boston from Puerto Rico and has continued his success in dance. In addition to Latin dance, he is also a trained Hip-Hop dancer and choreographer. He has performed at a large variety of events including the Olympic Games of 2010 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, with artists like Olga Tañon, Wisin y Yandel, Tito el Bambino and Ana Isabel. He has also choreographed and performed in music videos with international artists Jowell y Randy and J-Alvarez.

Luis moved to Boston from Puerto Rico and has continued his success in dance. In addition to Latin dance, he is also a trained Hip-Hop dancer and choreographer. He has performed at a large variety of events including the Olympic Games of 2010 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, with artists like Olga Tañon, Wisin y Yandel, Tito el Bambino and Ana Isabel. He has also choreographed and performed in music videos with international artists Jowell y Randy and J-Alvarez.


Jenna and Luis are one of the best Bachata instructors out there in Boston. They are definitely one of my favorites! I’ve been attending their class for the past months and I can definitely say I’ve improved a lot. Their attention to detail and to their students is great and super helpful. They are also incredibly approachable instructors so it’s always easy to ask for questions and help, which is super helpful and important. The moves and footwork they teach is fun and I’ve definitely been able to incorporate it into my social dance! I’d highly recommend their group classes (at any level) and their private classes too!
— Brando M.
When I took the bachata fundamentals class, I had already been doing salsa for over a year and had taken intermediate bachata lessons. The fundamentals class emphasizes important details around how to move, lead, and follow, and was a great benefit to my dancing. Jenna and Luis also take the time to dance with everyone and give personal feedback to each student to help them improve!
— Charlie W.
The focus on technique and connection is great! Very personable and fun instructors!
— Derick C.
Jenna and Luis make their energy and love for dance so contagious it’s impossible to not have a good time! They teach at the perfect pace so you never feel left behind or bored. I cannot wait to go back!
— Maura B.
Jenna and Luis are two of the most caring, dedicated, able, and effective dance teachers you could ever hope to meet. They are brilliant at both their dancing and their teaching. As a teacher myself, I notice all the little things, like how they control the tempos, amount of repetition, and pacing of the class to maximize learning. What they care about is YOU learning how to dance better, and that is what they achieve. And they do it with heart, soul, spirit, fun, and a ton of goodwill.
— Brian K.
It’s impossible not to have fun in these classes. The energy is just perfect.
Loved their class! Super fun and approachable teachers!
Jenna & Luis are incredibly patient, caring, and have incredible attention to detail that really separates their teaching approach! Whether it’s about learning the fundamentals or more advanced techniques, they will GET YOUR BACHATA GAME TO BE AMAZING!
— Kevin P.
They both love bachata and it’s clear in everything they do - teaching classes, leading team rehearsals, and their patience in all questions big and small.
— Justin L.
Jenna and Luis know bachata & teach it well.

Jenna and Luis offer both beginner and intermediate classes. Their beginner class, “The fundamentals of Bachata”, serves as a foundation from which to grow. While the intermediate class expands on the fundamentals; while offering styling, musiciality, turn & footwork patterns, and social dancing skills.

The fundamentals of bachata is an important class for anyone who enjoys Bachata to take. Having taken it when I first started, and almost 2 years later; it keeps on giving because of the quality and consistency of their feedback and excellence in fundamental technique.

The intermediate class is offered to build upon the foundation set forth by the fundamentals class; offering a varied curriculum that is challenging for most skill levels. Even for the experienced Bachatero, go in seeking to learn and improve yourself and you will not be disappointed in the results.

I would recommend these teachers to anyone looking to learn bachata and improve their social dancing skills. They are fun warm teachers with a vast body of knowledge. Hard honed from years of teaching, social dancing, and performing.
— Ben L.
I had been dancing bachata in various places for a couple of months, straining myself to build up moves in my head, until I could dance a whole song with decent vatiety.

A couple of lessons with Jenna made me realize the HUGE importance of good posture, connection, and fundamental movements, which makes the dancing MUCH more comfortable, enjoyable and better looking. When you see J/L dance, take a look at how their flow and skills are always complimented with clean deliberate movements, which makes them look great at any speed.

Highly recommended.
— Chen X.
After a few years of dancing bachata without any professional training, I took my first “official” bachata class with Jenna and Luis. Jenna and Luis have helped a great ton in toning in on my skills and teaching proper technique. Love their classes and the style they teach! They definitely work to make each class fun and care about you becoming a better dancer. Pointing out small details that you may not be aware you do while dancing. Just remember, it is all about the basics. They are great!!!
— Suzanne
Jenna and Luis are passionate about teaching and training you as far as you want to reach! If you are looking for somewhere to not only learn but excel, this is the place for you! I also love that they don’t just teach you the moves, but the music and how each note can be so playful!
— Aldo A.
I’ve taken dozens of dance lessons at their studio and Jenna & Luis are amazing Bachata instructors! Jenna loves teaching and she’s very detail oriented-which you want in a dance instructor. She’s always in a positive happy mood and a ray of sunshine overall. Couldn’t recommend them more!
— Adam D.
Jenna and Luis are such excellent teachers. They continue to make dance joyful and fun while also supporting their dancers to perform at a high level by making sure their dancers have a thorough understanding of technique and the basics to build off of. Love being a part of their dance community! Take any opportunities you can with them!
— Callia H.
Jenna and Luis are my favorites. <3 They are so talented and sweet and nice and such wonderful teachers. Especially love Bachata Mondays at Havana and hip hop with Luis.
— Evie
Jenna & Luis are amazing teachers that really inspire their students.
— Kathleen K.
Great teachers: caring, knowledgeable, fun. They help you get the details right so that your dancing looks good and feels good. And they create a community of dancers where people feel welcome and find friends.
— Leo R.
As a complete beginner with “two left feet” and zero knowledge of Bachata, Luis and Jenna helped me get the core fundamentals down. They are both natural teachers that combine patience and a deep technical expertise into classes that are extremely informative and a lot of fun. My fiancée and I wanted to have some fun for our “first dance” at our wedding, and we enrolled in their beginner Bachata class only to discover a new-shared love of dance. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
— Rich D.
I’ve taken a lot of dance classes in my life, but I took one 60-minute private lesson with them and it totally changed the way I dance bachata! My dance posture is so much better, they taught me how to position myself so I can feel more subtle leads, they immediately identified some stuff I wasn’t even aware I was doing and fixed it, and I even left with some cool new footwork. But most impressively, they were patient and incredible at giving feedback— I learned so much and somehow none of it felt critical or hard to hear! And they were specific about all their feedback so I was able to fix things immediately. I had so much fun and learned so much! If you’re on the fence about taking a class or private with them, just do it! They’re fantastic!
— Ashley K.
This is by far the best Bachata class I have ever taken!! This is the second class and I feel so much stronger as a Bachata dancer. The fundamentals/ beginners class is so much more then what it sounds. The instructors break down every piece you would ever want to know. Whether you’re new to Bachata or self taught, this class will definitely improve your skills.
— Emmanuela R.
Amazing pair together both in dancing and teaching! Class was always fun and knowledgeable. I took the begginer bachata lessons but definitely looking forward to intermediate.
— G Nayro Perez

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